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Our business
Telediscount is a telecom company committed to offering both business and residential customers low cost calls. We are equipped with up to date technology and switching facilities which enables us to provide our customers with a comfortable solution and low cost alternative to BT. Telediscount is designed for anyone wishing to benefit from low cost phone calls, without having to register or prepay. Save on calls to mobiles and international calls and enjoy the benefits of a flexible telephone service. There are no connection fees or rental charges and rates apply all day, everyday. Customers can call our access numbers from any UK landline or mobile phone*. Our service is simple to use. Dial the access number that corresponds with the country you want to call, followed by the country code and subscriber number.

The call charges for using Telediscount's access numbers will simply appear on your regular phone bill. Telediscount saves money by not sending out its own telephone bills. Because of this cost-cutting measure and the use of several high quality telecom networks, we can offer our users more competitive rates. Already we are presenting more destinations at a better rates than our competitors do. Telediscount looks closely at the competition and aims to be the first with cheaper rates to new destinations.

* If you are ringing from a mobile you could be surcharged by your mobile operator. This depends on your mobile operator and which tariff plan you have. We advise you to get in touch with your mobile phone provider to double check if they surcharge on calls to our access numbers. (For the customer services number of your mobile phone provider click here)

What a difference Telediscount has made! I can now call my parents in Kazakhstan without worrying about high 'phone bills every month. Thank you, thank you, thank you! (PS I tell all my friends to use your service and some that ring Nigeria are delighted with your service)

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